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Life in Glass
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Life in Glass

LIFE IN GLASS is a series of cultural experiments that explore the relation between reproductive technologies and the social worlds we live in. 

Through art, film and creative dialogue, we consider how reproductive technologies come to play an ever larger role in the process of imagining when, how, if, and what we reproduce in our lifetimes.

And we ask:

What happens when we picture IVF as a looking glass through which we see ourselves?

What new reproductive futures do we navigate in the present? 

How do we see life when biology and technology become ever more intertwined? 

What do you see?



June – November 2018

Murray Edwards College, Cambridge

Huntingdon Rd, Cambridge CB3 0DF

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Timeless - Sharing Your Journey

Timeless is a fictional pop-up shop created to broaden our understanding of the impact of infertility and fertility technologies on our lives. On 5 and 6 November 2016, Timeless popped up at the Fertility Show. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated about the next Timeless pop up later this year. 

The aim of Timeless is to listen, learn and share - there is nothing for sale. We offer a range of personal experiences and insights to read and listen to, alongside ways to share your stories and thoughts. Everything has come from people with direct experience of fertility treatment.

You can find recordings and reflections of this year’s Timeless pop up here

Timeless is a research project from the University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics and The Liminal Space.

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In the award-winning documentary short film Dish Life, scientists examine their relationship with the stem cells they grow in the laboratory. The maintenance of stem cells in vitro depends on personalised and emotional routines of care. The scientists in Dish Life, based at the Unviersity of Cambridge, reflect on responsibility and the inability to control. 

A collaborative project between sociologist Karen Jent, stem cell researcher Loriana Vitillo, and writer-director Chloe Thomas, the short film has been officially selected and won awards at many international film festivals, including Melbourne Doc Festival, Raw Science (LA), ImagineScience (NYC), and has been featured in the New York Times  and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Fertility Voices
A new, interactive archive of fertility narratives recorded through ReproSoc's Timeless installations.
Check in soon to hear people's stories about their fertility journeys, what gives them hope and what they wish they had known. 


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